What We Do

Our team has developed and refined a four-step process that begins to paint your financial picture...so that our financial advisors with a fiduciary duty can help you put all the pieces of your financial puzzle together, allowing you to focus more on your life and worry less about your money. And as your life unfolds, your plan will evolve.

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Our 4-step planning process


The Result?


A comprehensive financial plan covering 5 key areas:


The right asset distribution (“paycheck”) plan should be comprehensive and detailed. Simply establishing a systematic withdrawal without thinking about tax efficiency, asset location, and proper distribution order is the cardinal sin of advanced income planning. Work with our team of fiduciary advisors who can guide you with a step-by-step process to not only establish your income shortfall, but help you create a plan to spend your money confidently.


Investment strategy is meant to be unique. A cookie-cutter type allocation using a traditional 60/40 type split between stocks and bonds is far from unique. Each client at W.A. Smith Financial is unique, so our team builds custom investment allocations and strategies that specifically tailor to each individual’s dynamic risk tolerance, investment objective, and long-term goals. From there, our investment committee’s 6-step due diligence process and the proactive strategy sessions we host with you will ensure your investment allocation evolves along with the economy, the political scene, and the latest market trends.


We believe holistic financial planning goes beyond simply making investment decisions. What will happen to your spouse or your family when you die? Will probate be a nuisance? Will your family pay unnecessary tax due to mistakes that were made with your estate plan? Can you protect any portion of your asset pool from a Medicaid spend-down or nursing home situation? Do you need a trust, and if so, what will it help you accomplish? Our team of advisors will work with your estate attorney or introduce you to a trusted source to ensure that your legal documents cover your specific estate planning needs.


There is a big difference between tax preparation and tax planning, and there’s a good chance that your CPA, tax preparer or enrolled agent is not truly looking into strategic ways to help you lower your tax bill. Most accountants and tax preparers simply work off deadlines, and their job is to report what already happened and make sure your return is filed on time. What if your tax plan and your accountant looked at your situation proactively? What if a set of strategies were presented to you that would help you lower the amount of tax you pay both now and into the future? Our in-house tax strategist and his team will review your previous tax returns and your current situation and make suggestions that could significantly lower your tax bill and the amount you pay to the IRS.


One of the biggest fears our clients have is that a nursing home or a healthcare emergency could result in a spend-down scenario. You need to develop a plan to cover the potentially devastating cost that long-term care presents. Which type of policy fits your situation the best? What’s the best way to fund or pay for the care? Are you self-insured, or do you need insurance to ensure you have enough to cover this cost? Our advisors are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you develop a healthcare plan. From choosing the right health insurance for retirement, to making Medicare decisions and purchasing supplement insurance, to buying a long-term care insurance policy, our team will make sure you have the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted.


Kevin H.

“W.A. Smith Financial has a great team that stays on top of the changing market conditions.  Prepares their clients for possible political changes and what to consider in their investments.”

Brian A.

“W.A. Smith Financial has done great and I’ve had no problems.  If I have a question I can call and get a timely answer.”


"Excellent. 10 of 10. Responsive, forward thinking, personable. Our advisor is willing to give his honest opinion."


“Our advisor calms the waters during turbulent times.”

Richard F.

“…This hard-working group not only works as a team but keeps us informed with online reports and includes us in decision making.”

Christopher and Peggy

“…They offer a vast knowledge of markets. A great company to partner with!”

Stephen F.

“We have been extremely pleased with W.A. Smith and our advisor. Informative, quick to respond, and our portfolio has done very well.”

Chris L.

“An excellent group of people, great communicators and results. Always providing information on the market through emails and lunches, which I hope to attend in the future.”

Keith G.

“Jarrett has been great to work with for many years. He is honest and has our interests in mind when giving financial advice.”

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