Income Planning

Our financial advisors specialize in creating a retirement income strategy based on your goals that will allow you to spend confidently in retirement.

Retirement Income Planning

Depending on your unique situation, our advisors may use one or more of the following strategies:

Income Strategies*

Goal Based: An annual withdrawal of no more than 3 to 4 percent of your account value, adjusted for inflation, from your portfolio every year.

Time Segmented: This strategy helps you diversify investments into buckets based on time horizon. The idea is to mainly position a certain portion of your wealth into multiple buckets based on time segmentation. This strategy will help you know which vehicle or retirement account from which your paycheck is coming.

Cash Flow: For the more risk-averse investor, a cash flow strategy develops guaranteed income with little to no market risk. This strategy may use yield or interest from guaranteed sources in an attempt to protect your income.

Flooring: A combination strategy that develops a budget of both basic and discretionary expenses. If there is a shortfall, make sure you have at least the basic expenses coming in on a “safer” or reliable basis.


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Strategies for Financial Independence

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