IRA 401(k) Rollovers

We can help you roll over your retirement savings accounts – thus helping you avoid unnecessary taxes, penalties and fees – and build a comprehensive retirement plan.

401(k), pension, 403(b), IRA or 457

What’s the best way to handle old IRAs and 401(k)s?

When you change jobs or retire, there are four things you can generally do with the assets in any employer-sponsored retirement plan:

  1. Leave the money where it is
  2. Take the cash (and pay income taxes and perhaps a 10 percent additional federal tax if you are younger than age 59 ½)
  3. Transfer the money to another employer plan (if the new plan allows)
  4. Roll the money over into an IRA

Before you rollover a 401(k) or transfer an IRA, you need to develop a plan. The question of what to do with these accounts is really a function of your plan.

What is your plan?

If you are looking for answers to any of the following questions:

  1. When can I retire?
  2. Do I have enough money to retire?
  3. Should I take a lump sum or pension?
  4. Should I rollover my 401(k)?
  5. Should I consolidate my IRAs?

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