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The Ascend 360 Planning Kit:

It’s time to elevate your retirement plan!
Included in this complimentary power-packed kit:

Retirement Tune-Up: Plan Well and Prosper in Retirement

  • Written by the CEO and Founder of W.A. Smith Financial Group,
    William A. Smith, RICP®, MRFC®

5 Comprehensive Guides covering topics like:

  • Do I have enough money to retire and spend confidently?
  • How should I invest my money during a recession and can I “recession-proof” my portfolio?
  • Strategies for individuals and business owners to reduce or eliminate unnecessary taxation
  • Developing a retirement income strategy and determining the right time to access your pension and/or Social Security benefits
  • How to protect your portfolio from a catastrophic illness and a Medicaid spenddown situation

As seen on WKYC Channel 3 and WEWS Channel 5 :

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