Feeling Like a Fish Out of Water

As the 2016 election approaches, immigration is being brought up more than ever.

But the issue is nothing new, and will still be around long after the next U.S. President is elected.

Some have viewed immigration as a concern since the French, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish settled in America back in the late 16th century, while others argue none of us would be here in the first place if it wasn’t for immigration.

We’ve all had a first day at a new school or job where we had to wonder how we would be treated and if we would fit in. Imagine that predicament if you moved to a place where everyone around you had a different native tongue.

On occasion, consumers unfamiliar with the world of finance may feel like everyone’s speaking a whole new language. Our job as your financial professional is to clear this confusion and help ensure your financial strategy is suited to your unique needs.

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Like any other time in our nation’s history, viewpoints on immigration are all over the spectrum. Today’s presidential candidates have proposed interesting ways to deal with immigration, from building a wall with a big, welcoming gate, to tracking people the way UPS tracks packages.

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Some economic analysts offer a different perspective. For example, in response to a comment made by Donald Trump early in his campaign, one scholar reveals that the immigrant crime rate in the U.S. is very low compared to native people.

Many also believe that more immigration is necessary to replace the tens of millions of retiring baby boomers over the next two decades, and that it is a tremendous driver of economic growth. In fact, many of Silicon Valley’s startups in the 1990s were founded by immigrant entrepreneurs.

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It takes more than luck and courage to try something new and succeed, yet for hundreds of years, millions of immigrants have done just that. The same can be said for deciding on the strategies that can help you feel confident in your family’s future.

For many people, trying to navigate the financial world can make you feel like you’re not in your element — a fish out of water. Luckily, it’s our world, and we welcome the opportunity to help you make decisions that can benefit you now and for years to come.

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