Shiny New Things

Just about everyone gets something new during the holiday season. Sometimes it’s exactly what we wanted, and we love it and use it all year long. Sometimes it’s exactly what we wanted, but it turns out not to be as great as we expected, so we use it for a time until the shiny newness wears off and it is discarded.

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Similarly, sometimes we receive something we didn’t ask for, don’t need and never use. And then other times, we get something totally unexpected that we love and can’t remember what we ever did without.

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Then again, the holiday season isn’t always about gifts, sometimes it’s about moments — the unforgettable ones. A first kiss under the mistletoe. An engagement ring wrapped in a perfume box. Announcing a new pregnancy at the family dinner.

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Some people even share the spirit of the season by not giving gifts. One Toronto family with boys ages 9 and 12 have substituted gift giving with spending quality time together. It’s an interesting twist on the idea of not giving gifts simply because it’s expensive and a hassle.

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Another way to celebrate the season without materialism is to make charitable gifts — a popular year-end choice that also offers tax advantages. 

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As we approach 2014, one highly constructive New Year’s resolution may be to carefully consider what worldly goods you truly want and will enjoy long-term and what impulses may just be fleeting desires, and to save your money in preparation for a retirement you can have confidence in. We’d like to help you keep that resolution.

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