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Do You Have Enough Money Saved to Retire?

Uncover the secrets to financial peace of mind in retirement!

The Biggest Investment Mistake to Avoid In 2024

Don't let THIS investment mistake derail your financial future...

The Secret Blueprint to Early Retirement

Is early retirement possible? This video could change your life.


Read from some of our clients

Kevin H.

“W.A. Smith Financial has a great team that stays on top of the changing market conditions.  Prepares their clients for possible political changes and what to consider in their investments.”

Brian A.

“W.A. Smith Financial has done great and I’ve had no problems.  If I have a question I can call and get a timely answer.”


"Excellent. 10 of 10. Responsive, forward thinking, personable. Our advisor is willing to give his honest opinion."


“Our advisor calms the waters during turbulent times.”

Richard F.

“…This hard-working group not only works as a team but keeps us informed with online reports and includes us in decision making.”

Christopher and Peggy

“…They offer a vast knowledge of markets. A great company to partner with!”

Stephen F.

“We have been extremely pleased with W.A. Smith and our advisor. Informative, quick to respond, and our portfolio has done very well.”

Chris L.

“An excellent group of people, great communicators and results. Always providing information on the market through emails and lunches, which I hope to attend in the future.”

Keith G.

“Jarrett has been great to work with for many years. He is honest and has our interests in mind when giving financial advice.”

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About W.A. Smith Financial Group

Fiduciary Advisors Creating Customized Solutions.

W.A. Smith Financial Group’s mission is to ensure that clients focus more on their life and worry less about their money. Through proprietary financial planning methods like the Retirement Tune-Up™ financial review and the Ascend 360™ Planning Process, the fiduciary advisory team at W.A. Smith Financial has helped thousands of people all across the U.S. to create customized financial plans and achieve the retirement of their dreams.


"Largest Registered
Investment Advisors"



"#373 Fastest Growing in the $500M-1B Category"



“One of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies”

INC. 5000

Accolades through Crain’s Cleveland Business, Financial Advisor Magazine, and Inc. 5000 are awards that W.A. Smith Financial Group qualified for and are purchased placements.