2015: Beyond the Cold

As parts of the country dig out from under the snow this winter, it’s important to remember that, despite life’s uncertainties, you can always count on one thing: Spring will come.

It may be a small comfort, but it never fails that sunshine, warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, leaves appearing back on the trees and people enjoying themselves outdoors has a calming, hopeful effect on so many.

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This year, economic experts believe there is much to be positive about. 2015 started on strong footing with lower oil prices, higher jobs reports and, according to one analyst, positive indicators that wages are finally going to pick up. While home-buying numbers fell, the average sale price of houses rose. These factors combine for a potential bottom-line impact on household budgets and individual purchasing power. This is great news domestically and abroad, since consumers drive about two-thirds of the U.S. economy.

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Before 2007, there were 10 postwar recessions that ranged in length from six to 16 months. The 2007-09 recession, which officially lasted 18 months, is recorded as the longest and most severe recession in the postwar period.

One of the most important tenets of moving forward with a positive outlook is to remember where you’ve been. First off, recognize that we survived this latest economic battle. Second, most of us will experience yet another recession in our lifetimes, quite possibly more than one, so it is important to keep lessons learned top-of-mind as we move forward.

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They say the best time to look for a new job is while you have a job. It enables you to better target the next logical step based on career goals and negotiate from a position of power and confidence. The same applies to your finances. As your financial picture improves, it may be a good time to start planning for the future — both the good and the bad that may occur, like winter and springtime.

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