Retirement Tune-Up: Plan Well and Prosper in Retirement

Bill Smith's most-recent book is a must-read. It's designed to give you a better understanding on where you are at with your current retirement plan, whether you have an elaborate plan, an average plan, or no plan at all.  It provides tangible advice that addresses the 7 risks retirees face: inflation, longevity, long-term illness, rising health care costs, changes in government programs, death of a spouse, and stock market risk.
It also touches on the 5 key areas of retirement:  I  income I  investments I  estate I  taxes I  healthcare

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Knock Out Your Retirement Income Worries Forever: The Ultimate Training Guide For Developing Financial Security

Bill Smith's first book askes these questions: What are you to do in the new age of retirement? Can you rely on traditional retirement planning methods, or is it time to develop an alternative plan for the new economy? On the pages within are the answers you are searching for.

I  How to create a guaranteed paycheck using a strategy called ILIP (Inflation Laddered Income Plan)

I  Common-sense retirement planning strategies that will protect your hard-earned savings during unstable times

I  Why your investments could be costing you a boatload in hidden fees

I  What to do if you are “pension-less” and must use your 401(k) to develop an investment plan for income in retirement

I  Why most financial professionals may not be right for your current financial stage of life

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