Talkin’ ’Bout My Generation

A generation gap exists whenever different age groups interact, but never are the differences more evident than when parents are in the process of raising teenagers.

There are a plethora of factors that differentiate generations — communication mediums, interests, values, work ethic — and the list goes on and on. Psychologists say the divide between parent and teenager is a natural progression to help both prepare for their eventual separation: Teenagers rebel toward their independence; parents start looking forward to an empty nest.

[CLICK HERE to read the article, “When Parents Get Angry at Their Adolescent,” from Psychology Today, June 15, 2015.]

Marketers have conducted exhaustive research differentiating and defining the generations that co-exist today, from the greatest generation all the way down to Generations Y and Z. Despite all our differences, one common thread is that every era has some kind of financial dilemma, such as the 2008 recession’s effects on adults and the student debt millennials now face.

Whatever your current financial concerns are, our team of professionals is here to answer any questions you might have.

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One positive of having distinct generations is that everyone brings something unique to the table. For example, baby boomers have had a clear influence on both the economy and culture over the last 40+ years and continue to drive new innovations and industries with vivacity and longevity.

[CLICK HERE to read the report, “Generational Identity: The Power of ‘Boomer,'” from Pew Research Center, Sept. 2, 2015.]

The post-baby boomers who make up Generation X tend to get lost amid the headlines that surround the more populous boomer and millennial demographics, but the fact is, many Gen Xers have had their own unique financial experiences as a result of the recession and real estate decline that hit just as they were nearing their mid-career earning potential.

[CLICK HERE to read the article, “Most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings,” from, Oct. 8, 2015.]

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The millennials, now just as populous as boomers, are now a coveted market in the consumer world, and the teens of Generation Z are nipping at their heels.

[CLICK HERE to read the article, “Millennials Outnumber Baby Boomers and Are Far More Diverse, Census Bureau Reports,” from the U.S. Census Bureau, June 25, 2015.]

[CLICK HERE to read the article, “Millennials on Steroids,” from Knowledge@Wharton, Sept. 28, 2015.]

We make generalizations when it comes to generations, and each does have its own set of circumstances, but sooner or later, everyone can use the advice of an objective professional to help create a financial strategy and stay on track to meeting their goals. We’re fortunate that you chose us to provide you this guidance, and we’re available to discuss your future whenever you feel the need.

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